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Parents Amplifying Voices in Education Cross Sector PLC with PT Chat

On April 12th, 2018, PT Chat partnered with PAVE to host the April Cross Sector Professional Learning Community (PLC) held in Washington DC. The PLC brought together a network of school leaders, education partners, and state agency officials to strengthen family and community engagement outcomes in DC!

The all-day Professional Learning Community featured guest speaker Howard Fuller, a stakeholder panel and four breakout sessions to focused on improving the following challenges:

  • How can we re-imagine the way in which we engage with families as schools and as organizations to reach a wider community of our families?

  • How can we re-imagine the way in which every family in the city receives information about the schools in its Ward or community – both charter and DCPS?

  • How can we, as leaders in this work, re-imagine the way in which our families organize in our schools to help support the work and success of all schools?

  • How can we reimagine the way in which we share with families and get feedback from families about our school and district-level policies so that they can be stronger advocates for their child(ren)?

By the end of the PLC, cross sector teams made up of DC Public School and DC Charter School Leaders created action plans to address each of the challenges addressed in their groups.

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